Apple AirPods Will Be Available in-Store Next Week


If you missed the opportunity to order AirPods online, then you have a solid chance next week.

Apple AirPods Won't Ship for 4 Weeks, But You Can Buy Them in-Store Next Week

Apple kicked off orders for AirPods yesterday and within minutes the earbuds sold out, pushing the delivery date as far as 4 weeks. For a lot of customers who were hoping to buy Apple's newfound earphones, it was a huge letdown. But, Cupertino will give potential buyers another chance at grabbing the AirPods next week as that will be the time they'll become available in Apple Stores.

Given the speed at which AirPods sold out online, we doubt they'll stick around long enough at an Apple Store. I'll go as far as saying that one should arrive at an Apple Store ahead of time in order to bag yourself Cupertino's new wireless earbuds. After all, the holiday season is right on our faces, and consumers will do all they can to put that little white box under the Christmas tree. You don't want to miss that opportunity, do you?

If you have managed to order the new earphones and are awaiting shipment, then you might want to check out the user guides beforehand. They'll walk you through the process of pairing the device with your iPhone as well as how to use the Charge Case and turn certain features on or off. It's a handy and quick little walkthrough that can make you an AirPods pro the moment you read them.

Wrap Up

The AirPods have been subject to a lot of delays, and were originally set to arrive in October. Different sources cited a bunch of reasons as to why the delay happened in the first place, but some pundits believe the problem rested in how the earphones handled multiple Bluetooth connections in order to keep audio in sync. Whatever the cause of delay might be, the earphones have finally gone up for order, with Apple giving buyers another chance next week if they are willing to take a walk to their nearest Apple Store.

It's a good idea to locate the nearest Apple Store in your vicinity, otherwise you'll be scrambling yourself at the last minute.