Apple AirPods Drop Test & Water Test – The Results Are Quite Stunning


A video has emerged online, subjecting the AirPods to a series of tests, including drop test and water test.

Are AirPods Secretly Waterproof? Maybe, But Don't Dunk Them in Water at All Still

After a series of delays, the AirPods are finally available to purchase, given you can find them in the first place. Everything aside, the new earphones do pack some high quality materials at face value, but how do they fair when they come face to face with concrete or water? A video by EverythingApplePro aims to find out just that, and the results are actually quite astounding.

As you can see from the video, the AirPods did manage to survive the drop test like a boss albeit a few scrapes and dents. But what's more interesting is the fact that the earbuds managed to survive the water test. This begs the question: are the AirPods secretly waterproof? Well, Apple hasn't said a word in that regard. But given the wearable is meant to be used in places like a gym, so one can expect some sort of shielding from dampness. Do not take them on your next swim though. The earphones will likely die the moment they face underwater pressure.

All in all, the AirPods are very durable and will likely survive a handful of tumbles from an average waist height. Even Charging Case did well in all the drops, so you can rest assured your investment won't bite the dust the moment it hits concrete.

Wrap Up

A while back, an AirPods teardown also surfaced online, revealing a handful of interesting things about Apple's new earbuds. The bottom line from that teardown is a simple one: everything is tightly glued together and it's impossible for anyone to repair. If anything goes wrong with them, you'll likely be taking a walk towards Apple's door, not anywhere else.

Given the durability of Apple's AirPods, it's likely they will last you a long time, until or unless you plan on running them over with your car. Also, if you happen to lose one earpiece, you'll be pleased to learn that Apple will gladly completely your pair once again if you are willing to part ways with $69. If your battery dies out on you, Apple will replace that free of charge.