Apple Could Add A Tap-To-Pay System To iPhone 7 In Japan


The iPhone 7 is merely two weeks away and the rumor mill keeps on piling up leaks. Apart from the visual aspect for what the iPhone 7 might look like, there's a lot to expect for what it will boast internally. The latest in line is a new tap-to-pay feature that Apple might introduce in the iPhone 7 lineup. However, not all users with an iPhone 7 will be able to get hold of it. The feature is said to be exclusive to iPhone 7 users in Japan as reported by Bloomberg.

Apple Plans iPhone 7 With Tap-To-Pay Mobile Payment System In Japan

The new tap-to-pay feature does not makes use of NFC, instead the company will opt to use a Sony-built technology known as FeliCa. This technology is what dominates the mobile tap-to-pay market in Japan. In this regard, Apple opting to use this technology in the region completely makes sense as it would not have to push users towards using NFC - similar to Apple Pay.

Using this mobile payment system, Apple is looking forward to allow users in Japan to pay for public transport in an easy and quick way. This does not mean that the tap-to-pay mobile payment system is restricted to public transport. The feature will also be supported in vending machines and various convenient stores across the country.


Another reason why Apple's decision to consider FeliCa over NFC makes sense is that Japan has a wide availability of terminal support. According to stats from Bloomberg, the region has a total of 1.9 million payment terminals that accept FeliCa standard over NFC. In contrast to this, a research shows that in the year 2015, UK and US had a little more than 1.6 million NFC supported terminals altogether. Henceforth, the wide availability of terminal support for FeliCa standard is definitely a crucial factor.

Moreover, FeliCa also delivers much faster transactions as compared to NFC. The prior has a technological advantage over the latter. There's a very simple reason why FeliCa is faster than NFC - it does not require any bank or third party approvals. The faster transaction operations are definitely better than what we're used to with NFC oriented terminals.

A lot has been leaked and rumored about the forthcoming iPhone 7 ranging from external design and form factor to the flushed Home button. However, we can always expect a surprise from Apple on the unveiling. This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on FeliCa and Apple's acceptance to apply this in Japan? Let us know in the comments.