Apple Acquires VirtualiQ – Conversational Voice Dialogue To Be Siri’s Future


With the launch of the iPhone 4s, Apple also introduced Siri into the mix. Cupertino's very own digital assistant was expected to aid users in a lot of ways when interacting with their devices. Since then Siri's evolved in a lot of ways, with the latest additions to its features coming in the form of iOS 9. Siri on iOS 9 comes with a lot of new features that include an all new interface and proactive listening being thrown in the mix. But according to today's news, that won't be where the buck stops rolling, and Apple's looking to take things to an entirely new level.

Apple Acquires Startup VocaliQ To Improve Siri's Capabilities

All done with this year's iPhone 6s and iOS 9 launches, its time to see what plans Apple has for the future. The company has acquired UK based startup VocaliQ, which is known for its machine learning projects in order to create better virtual assistants. With iOS 9, Siri moved more towards pro-activity in its responses and suggestions and with Microsoft's debut of Cortana on Windows 10, things are starting to shape up nicely for this segment as well.

VirtualiQ software can better recognize speech patterns using prior user dialogues and the software is self learning as well. So with VirtualiQ, Siri can be expected to shape it self even further according to user needs and requirements, with the assistant better tailoring itself to unique user requirements. Apple's already hard at work at achieving this with the current Siri, with the company having disclosed in iOS 9's upgrade log as well. Apple will be collecting your usage statistics in order to better understand your requirements of its software and improve its services accordingly.

In fact, in an official post, VirtualiQ claims that all current Virtual Assistants are not up to the mark and lack context when it comes to replies. The company also believes that while Apple did manage to create a lot of hype with the launch of Siri, as the company always does, Siri has now been reduced to being used as a toy. Apart from Siri, all other assistants have been forgotten and the company has some ideas that could breathe some fresh air into all of this.

Conversational voice dialogue seems to be the mantra from here on for VirtualiQ, and we're eager to see how Apple manages to integrate all of this into Siri. iOS 10 is far away right now, so the company has plenty of time to tinker around with code and make the desired changes. So stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.