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Apple Reported to Be Working With 5 Different Groups to Bring Wireless Charging to iPhone 8


Removing the headphone jack and not giving the consumer something in return will be a very terrible move from Apple and there are continuous rumors coming in that continue pointing towards wireless charging support on iPhone 8. However, adopting such a setup will most definitely present their own form of complications but to ease the operation, the company has been reported to be working with large groups in order to branch out the convenient feature of charging the upcoming iPhone through a ‘string-less’ approach.

Apple Has Several iPhone 8 Prototypes, So It Can Choose Different Forms of Wireless Charging for the Upcoming Smartphone

Just to refresh your memory, Apple recently joined the Wireless Power Consortium and we know that no company would join the Wireless Power Consortium if it had a different agenda in mind. Other countless rumors have incessantly brought up the topic of wireless charging, and Reuters has also reported that they have cited a person with knowledge of the matter that Apple has at least five different groups working on wireless charging technology within the company.

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Broadcom might be one of them, but the rest of them we currently have no information about right now. Here’s one thing you should know, though; wireless charging is done in various ways. The Qi standard is able to deliver between less than 1 watt to more than 2,000 watts of power, so it is no surprise that other smartphone manufacturing companies and working up their own solutions to port the technology to various phones.

Since Apple also has several iPhone 8 prototypes, the tech giant could be looking at which wireless technology form would work best with the device. Right now, there are various ways where phones can be charged wirelessly. One would be using a wireless charging pad, while the other would using a long range charging solution. The method by which the iPhone 8 would receive its juice from is yet to confirmed, and it looks like only future leaks and reports will point us in the right direction.