[Update] Apple’s App Store, TV, Music, OS X Store, and iTunes Experience Downtime


[Update]: Apple's system status page has been updated, showing many of the services are now working. Some iCloud features, including iCloud Backup, Storage Upgrades, Web Apps, and more are still under maintenance.

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Several Apple services, including iTunes go offline

Apple has confirmed via its system status page that a number of its services are currently experiencing downtime for many users. These outages impact different services across the ecosystem, including Apple's App Store, Mac Store, Apple TV, iTunes in the Cloud, and the Volume Purchase Program.

“Users are experiencing a problem with the service listed above. We are investigating and will update the status as more information becomes available.”

While Apple doesn't mention Apple Music being affected by this downtime, there are multiple reports confirming that service remains offline for many users. Apple Music also experienced instability yesterday as many users reported the outage. Apple has also said that some users might not be able to send or receive iCloud mail or access cloud Notes features.

Reports have confirmed that many of these iCloud-based aforementioned services are giving users error messages or having connectivity problems several regions. According to the tech giant, the outage began after 12:30 PST, and several users continue to experience the downtime on multiple Apple services.


An ETA is currently unavailable, but we will update this post as the issues are resolved.