Antec Unveils the LanBoy Air Chassis.

Hassan Mujtaba

Antec has released its new top of the line Mid-Tower case which features a fully-modular design all the way from top to bottom and offers vast room for modification and customizations to PC and Hardware Enthusiasts.

The LanBoy air has a unique top-to-bottom mesh construction so that air can be easily ventilated through all the sides of the case. The case itself includes five fans (two front-adjustable speed 120 mm blue LED fans and three 120 mm TwoCool two-speed blue LED fans) and can house a total of 15 fans. The fans are positioned in such a way that air is brought in the case through the hard drive bays and side vents and blown out through the back panels.

The case comes with a total of 11 Drive bays which include nine modular bays to accommodate six internal 3.5" drives and three external 5.25" drives. The 3.5" drives can take the benefit of the Antec Antec's exclusive AirMount suspension mounting system which reduces vibration by suspending the hard drives in the drive bays. The drives can also be adjusted in three Orientations which include orientation facing the front, right or left. The bay also includes two 2.5" SSD drive bays which are mounted at the bottom.

There's a huge CPU cut off on the motherboard mounting area for easy installation of CPU coolers. Other than that, Both the PSU and Motherboard mounting try can slide out so that you can easily fit in your PC components easily.

The case can handle extremely long graphic cards with length up to 15" and for easy carrying it comes with two rugged carrying handles which makes it ideal for lan parties. Three USB ports are also included at the front out of which one is USB 3.0.

You can watch a cool video presentation of the case here.

"Antec's Skeleton was universally lauded as the most innovative chassis ever. The LanBoy Air builds on the Skeleton's open-air frame design, combining it with a familiar form factor and fully modular construction," said Scott Richards, senior vice president at Antec. "This chassis offers our most avid users the platform they need to push the limits of what they imagined possible in high-performance system design."

Antec LanBoy Air is a really cool case and is backed with a three years warranty. Price for this case is $219.95, A bit high but the features totally justify it.


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