Apple’s AirPower Wireless Charger Still Set for Release Later this Month, New Report Says


We've had two reports so far suggesting that AirPower is releasing later this month. Now we have a third one.

AirPower is Set for Release Later this Month - But Apple Has Nothing to Share so Far

Alongside the iPhone 8, iPhone X and Apple Watch Series 3, Apple announced a rather interesting little wireless charger called the AirPower. It's capable of charging multiple devices at once. So if you have an iPhone, Apple Watch or Apple's (yet unreleased) AirPods charging case, you can top them all up at the same time wirelessly. We have seen similar products pop up recently but obviously we're waiting for the one which Apple has under its sleeve.

Apple Working on Abandoned AirPower-Like Charger and Long-Range Wireless Charging, More

According to reports, Apple is set to release AirPower some time later this month. Interestingly, and without any surprise, DigiTimes has jumped into the scene as well and is suggesting the same. Furthermore, the report also suggests that AirPower is capable of offering up to 29W of power.

Now, the thing to note here is that DigiTimes is a very, very hit or miss source when it comes to such things. So regarding that 29W 'thing,' it's safe to assume that it's the amount of power required as input in order to drive AirPower. It's likely that Apple will require a 29W USB-C charger along with an either USB-C to C cable or a Lightning to USB-C cable. After all, if you are going to top multiple devices at the same time, you are going to need a lot of power. Just for the sake of information, usually a 5W output Qi wireless charger requires at least a 10W charger as an input source.

Though many Qi wireless chargers are available right now, it's obvious that Apple's solution comes with a lot of advantages. And given how Apple prices its own accessories, AirPower is not going to be cheap by any means. If we're to take a wild guess, then it could set users back as high as $199.

News Source: DigiTimes