Anker Wireless Charging Bundle Deal; Mice and USB-C Dongles Discounted


Anker has a marvelous deal on its wireless charging bundle, making it a wonderful buy if you wish to spread wireless chargers around your home. That's not all, other stuff is discounted too for a limited time.

Get the Wireless Charging Bundle or Useful Accessories at Great Discounts

Anker's deals from Monday were simply great. But it's taking things further today by introducing several more discounts. First and foremost, if you've been hunting for a good pair of wireless chargers, then Anker's wireless charging bundle has you covered. It includes the PowerPort Wireless Pad and Stand in one package for a price of just $39.99. But of course, if you apply the code COMBOAAA at checkout, you get a free dual-port 24W wall charger. That. charge on its own costs $12.99.

Just bought yourself a notebook that doesn't have a Gigabit Ethernet port? Don't worry, with Anker's USB-C to Ethernet adapter, you're well covered. Usually this goes for around $22.99, but if you apply the code ANKERC84 at checkout, the price comes down to $15.99.

The trend of the dongles continue with the next deal as Anker has also discounted its USB-C to HDMI dongle. It costs $23.99 before you apply the code ANKERC86 which brings the price down to just $15.99.

Anker's optical USB wired mouse is discounted today as well. It features a very unique design while maintaining a good sense of control. It goes for around $14.99 on a regular day, but after the code ANKER98A is applied at checkout, the price comes down to a very reasonable $11.99.

Last but not the least, Anker's famous 2.4G wireless mouse is discounted as well. The price is down to just $13.99 if you apply the code ANKER987 at checkout. Usually it goes for $17.99 on any other regular day.