Anker & Wccftech Partner up for Exclusive, One-of-a-Kind Discounts on Wireless Chargers, ZOLO Liberty, PowerCore II


It's an honor to announce that we have partnered up with Anker to offer exclusive discounts on some of the company's best products as a token of appreciation.

Massive and Exclusive Discount on ZOLO Liberty Truly Wireless Headphones, PowerWave 7.5W Stand, PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad, PowerCore II 10000

It's no secret that we partner up with Anker on a wide variety of occasions to deliver discounts to our readers. It's a great company to work with and they make some of the finest accessories around, including portable chargers, USB chargers, headphones and whatnot. You can learn more about the company and what they make by going to:

The discounts on offer are typically meant for everyone out there, but Anker had something else in mind a while back. See, we've been working with the company for a long time now, and they felt the need to show you guys, the readers, some love by offering hefty discounts on several of their products. This includes the mighty ZOLO Liberty headphones, the PowerCore II 10000 with PowerIQ 2.0, PowerWave Stand and the PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad.

ZOLO Liberty - Was $99.99, Now just $59.49


The ZOLO Liberty are truly wireless headphones that offers 24 hours of playback time, features Smart AI, are completely sweat-proof and obviously sound good. If you are thinking of going completely wireless, then this is a great place to start.

Buy ZOLO Liberty [Amazon link] | Use discount code WCCFANK1 at checkout

PowerCore II 10000 - Was $33.99, Now just $25.59


Looking for a power bank that does everything that a power bank should but slightly better? Then look no further than the PowerCore II 10000. With exclusive PowerIQ 2.0 tech under the hood, this thing can fast charge any device at up to 18W of power when needed. Also, this thing is tiny. You can fit two of these in your pockets and still won't feel that it's there!

Buy PowerCore II 10000 [Amazon link] | Use discount code WCCFANK2 at checkout

PowerWave 7.5 Stand - Was $49.99, Now just $36.99


The PowerWave is a great little wireless charger. But when you take into account that this thing can fast charge an iPhone at full 7.5W, then things start to get better. It comes with a QC 3.0 adapter inside the box, and features a wonderful design that blends in nicely with anything around it.

Buy PowerWave 7.5 Stand [Amazon link] | Use discount code WCCFANK4 at checkout

PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad - Was $12.99, Now just $10.99


Need a simple yet elegant little wireless charging pad? Then the famous PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad is all you need. It might not feature fast charging speeds, but it gets the work done regardless of the device you have at hand, as long as it supports the Qi standard.

Buy PowerPort Wireless 5 Pad [Amazon link] | Use discount code WCCFANK3 at checkout

Apart from the discounts above, we would like to thank Anker for giving us this opportunity to work together. And don't worry, this isn't a one-off thing. We'll be back with some awesome Anker discounts very, very soon, so stay tuned!

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