Anker Deals: Buy a Bluetooth Speaker and Get Headphones for Free, Discount on DashCam & More


A few Anker deals have just gone live and it lands you free Soundbuds wireless headphones if you buy a Bluetooth speaker.

Avail Today's Anker Deals and Get a Pair of Wireless Headphones Absolutely Free with a Bluetooth Speaker

The Anker deals that went live this Monday were simply fantastic. But today things get slightly more interesting. The company's latest offer lands you a free pair of Soundbuds Surge headphones if you purchase Anker's 20W Bluetooth speaker. Quite frankly, this is a very good deal considering that Surge is a very capable pair of headphones no matter what type of situation you find yourself in. Head over to this link to buy the Bluetooth speaker and use the code 9XNF69X7 at checkout to get Soundbuds Surge for free.

The Roav DashCam A1 has been discounted as well, bringing the price down to just $42.39 from $59.99. It features Sony's Exmor 323 sensor that can record video in 1080p in a wide field of view along with the ability to see at night as well. That's not all, it features WiFi so you can view all the recorded footage straight from a dedicated app on your phone.

Last but not the least, Anker's USB-C to USB 3.0 adapter has been discounted from $9.99 to $7.49. It's a great little accessory to have if you wish to interface your existing USB devices with a MacBook Pro or a 12-inch MacBook from Apple. Don't forget to use the code ANKER875 at checkout to get the discount.

All of the above of deals are available for a limited period of time only. Make sure you take a quick decision if you are planning to get any of the above mentioned deals.