Anker Deals: $17 Qi Wireless Charger, $28 10,000mAh Power Bank, USB-C Cables, Power Delivery Chargers & More

Uzair Ghani

The iPhone frenzy might be in full swing but everything else must not stop in any way. Today, we have some Anker deals for you and you're going to love everything the company has thrown into the mix.

Grab Yourself a Wireless Charger, a USB PD Charger or More for Lesser Price for a Limited Period of Time

It's high time that you pick up some accessories for your new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max which you just pre-ordered. And if you look into the accessories which Anker has on sale, you'll start to realize that there is actually something in there that can accompany your new smartphone. Take the Qi walruses charger as a good example.

Since most of these deals are good till the 30th of this month therefore you have a lot of days to decide what you're going to pick up for yourself. Just remember one thing though: don't over stress yourself about it. Such deals come and go on a weekly basis. In other words: Anker has your back even if you miss this one!

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