AMD’s New High Performance Processor Cores Coming Sometime in 2015 – Giving Up on Modular Architecture

Ok, we just received some pretty interesting information from our Chinese friends over at Apparently AMD is giving up on CMT architecture and returning to the traditional SMT architecture for its next processor architecture coming in 2015.

AMD Returns to Traditional SMT Based Multi threading - Giving up on Modular for New Architecture in 2015

Now heres the thing to keep in mind, the return to SMT is due for a new Architecture appearing in 2015. This architecture could be Excavator or a completely new one, but if the architecture appears in 2015, you will not see products before mid 2015 (2016 in the case of a new arch) at the very very earliest. So before we delve deeper, I think a slight summary of CMT and SMT is in order. SMT or Simultaneous Multi Threading is a technology whose roots trace back to IBM in the 1970s. However most prominently it is the technology that Intel has employed for a decade, i.e. the force behind Hyper-Threading. AMD also revealed a technology of its own to rival Intel's SMT and unlike its rival it was Modular in Nature. This technology was homebrewed by AMD and was called the CMT or Clustered Multi Threading. However even at the time that CMT was revealed, critics pointed it out as an unfeasible idea.

Now it seems that AMD is starting to realize that too, because a shift back to SMT could mean a much awaited and much welcomed reboot of AMD's flailing compute sector. Switching back to traditional SMT might just be the thing AMD needs to get its compute sector back on its feet and running. However (pure speculation from now on, be warned) if the new architecture is indeed Excavator and its Indeed coming in early 2015, then it means that you wont be seeing any AMD Next Gen Processors or Carrizo for that matter anywhere before mid-2015. Another alternative is the separation of the APU Excavator Architecture and the High Performance Processors Architecture with Carrizo APU and its own Variant of Excavator coming before. But that, I must admit, is highly unlikely.

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