AMD Vesuvius R9 290x x2 Inbound – GTX 790 and GTX TITAN Black Listed

It appears that the GTX 790, Nvidia's Dual GPU Flagship has finally been listed. Its memory appears to have been reduced from 10 GB to 6GB total. Also, the TITAN Black edition featuring 6GB of Ram and a fully unlocked GK110 core is listed as well. Knowing the tit for tat response it is now safe to say that we should expect AMD Vesuvius R9 290x x2 .

AMD Vesuvius GPUThe Vesuvius Volcano

With GTX 790 and TITAN Black listed, When is AMD's Dual Hawai-XT R9 290x X2 'Vesuvius' Coming?

We knew GTX 790 and the Titan Black were coming and Videocardz broke the news that they have finally been listed. This brings the total of all the new NVIDIA arrivals to four.

Namely 2 Maxwells (GTX 750 Ti and GTX 750) and 2 High End Keplers (GTX 790 and GTX TITAN Black). But i have just received word that AMD is switching Vesuvius into gear as well. Seethe  thing is, no company really wanted to release the Dual GPU cards and were waiting for the other to release the same. I am not sure what exactly prompted Nvidia to release the 790 but i will take a guess. The GTX 750 Ti has been getting a lot of bad press over being the first Maxwell card and scoring lower than its Kepler Variant. The release of the GTX 790 and the Flagship TITAN Black will help turn the tide back in Green's favor.

Nvidia Dual GPU GTX 790 ListedGTX 790 Listed.

But the thing i honestly can't wait for to come, is AMD's Dual Hawai-XT core R9 290X x2 (I will say this again, this nomenclature is unfortunate, seriously) codenamed Vesuvius. I received word from a source in the supply chain, that AMD is dusting the Vesuvius blue prints of the shelf and will soon provide an adequate response.  The thing my curiosity is really piqued for however is how AMD will fit two Hawaii-XT cores in their not-so-brilliant reference coolers. Needless to say 180 Degrees is not an acceptable temperature for the insides of your PC regardless of what AMD thinks. It is because of this that i think that Vesuvius, whenever it comes, will have after market coolers from the get go. Because i honestly do not see a reference cooler R9 290x x2 happening.


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