AMD Tonga GPU To be a Direct Successor to the R9 280 and R9 280X – Launching in Q3 2014

One of our most reliable sources, SweClockers,com has reported that the AMD Tonga GPU will actually be poised to replace the R9 280 and R9 280X respectively. That means that when we learned of the existence of this class a few days back thanks to our friends over at the exact tier was speculated to be mid-range at best. However this new information seems to suggest that Tonga is actually the Early-High End Lineup of AMD.

AMD Tonga GPUNot an Official AMD Slide.

AMD Tonga GPU could have 265 Bit Bus Width and 7Ghz vRam - Potential Nomenclature is Radeon R9 285

So basically, AMD Tonga GPU will replace the now aged Tahiti core, it also means that performance wise, it will be faster than the current Maxwell cards; namely the Geforce GTX 750 and GTX 750 Ti. According to the same source, the circuit actually looks like a scaled down variant of Hawaii albeit with a 256 Bit memory bus. AMD will probably compensate for this by using faster Memory Modules so 7 GHZ GDDR5 RAM is definitely on the table. We also no have word on pricing though the expected launch date is third quarter of 2014, probably August or September. This portion consists of educated speculation, if it's not your cup of tea, skip. We had already heard of this card as the Radeon R9 275 but that seems unlikely now. If the information revealed by Sweclockers is true (and it probably is) then the card should be named Radeon R9 285 or something along the lines. The card is said to be very power efficient and a direct counter to Maxwell's power deficiency monopoly. It is also speculated to be be based on GCN 2.0 as opposed to GCN 1.1 which Hawaii and Bonaire were based on. We can however safely assume that this GPU will not be based on the 20nm node since TSMC has not made the shift yet. This will most likely serve as a water spell for the drought that is the wait till 20nm GPUs. Nvidia will also have to provide a counter soon too, since it has already lost its traditional top spot in the most powerful GPU department and losing on the power efficiency side as well will hurt PR.

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