AMD Teases New ‘FIX3R’ Video – Potentially Hinting at New Radeon R9 300 Series has some interesting information (John Holzman, thank you for the tip off) regarding the new teaser by AMD. The Fixer is an iconic PR character that basically destroys so called 'cheap green stuff' from PCs and puts in the good stuff: AMD Radeons. The interesting thing about this newly released video is the fact that the name conveniently spells 3R which might or might not denote the Radeon R9 300 Series.

AMD Teases The Fixer 3 or FIX3R Video - Possibly hinting at new Radeon R9 300 series

I think it's worth mentioning here that the FIXER videos have never in the past hinted or implied a new product. Infact, I would be surprised if this was related to the Radeon R9 300 series, still, the coincidence is too big to miss so I will be posting this regardless just in case I am wrong. The video just shows the fixer walking dramatically down a corridor and the words "The FIX3R" flashing on screen after words. The reason this could be completely unrelated to the AMD Radeon R9 300 Series is because there is already a Fixer 1 and 2 so the presence of 3 is obviously expected.

Interestingly, VCZ has also linked to a certain forum member on OCUK; a well known platform that receives early engineering samples for testing. The member Gibbo claims that we wont be seeing any new AMD cards till May/June/July timeframe which sounds much more reasonable than the "soon" time frame of the FIX3R video. The Fixer character itself is a an extremely bold bit of marketing where AMD literally trashes Nvidia GPUs on-screen. While the first video showed a painfully obvious Nvidia card, the second video decided to use a much more subtle touch with only the implication mentioned (as is the industry norm).

In any case, the video has been embedded for our readers to dissect themselves (what little of it is there anyways). The GPU you see the fixer holding is the ASUS DirectCU II cooler and it is anybody's guess (read: smash to bits) what the fixer is going to do with it. Despite what some might flag as a cheap marketing stunt, I really like the fixer videos, since stunts like these are what makes for the more interesting bit of marketing, as compared to slide decks on slide decks.

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