AMD “Tahiti LE” SKU To Be Known As Radeon HD 7890 – 15% Faster than GTX 660

It was reported that AMD would be preparing a new "Tahiti LE" GPU which would be launched during this month. Well the Tahiti LE GPU now has a name, its to be known as the Radeon HD 7890 and while featuring a Tahiti chip it falls under the Radeon HD 7800 series branding.

AMD Radeon HD 7890 - Tahiti LE GPU:

The Radeon HD 7890 would feature the Tahiti LE chip which would feature 1536 Stream processors, 32 ROPs and a memory of 2GB GDDR5 along a 256-bit interface. The Tahiti chip would have 24 compute units enabled for the Radeon HD 7890.

Now new reports suggest that the GPU would be almost 15% faster than the GTX 660, putting it somewhere near the GTX 660 Ti. While GTX 660 already has a counterpart as the Radeon HD 7850 while GTX 660 Ti rival's the Radeon HD 7950. So the Radeon HD 7890 fills the gap between these two cards with a price expected to be expected around $249+ range. We still don't have any clock speed specifications yet but the GPU is supposed to launch during this month so we would get that part covered soon.

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