AMD Slashes Prices of FX Processors and APUs – Launches FX-6350 and FX-4350


FX Processors

AMD has added two new products to its FX processors lineup - the FX-6350 and FX-4350. In addition to the launch, CPU-World has revealed that AMD would also be giving price-cuts to its current FX processors and desktop Trinity APUs.

AMD Launches New FX Processors - Gives Price-Cuts to Current Desktop Lineup

The two new FX processors were previously limited to OEM PC manufacturer's and only now have they arrived to PC consumers. Both FX processors are built on the 32nm Piledriver core architecture that brings 10-15% enhance performance at a sub-$150 price range. Both parts are compatible with the AM3+ socket motherboards making use of the 990FX chipset.

Starting with the FX-6350 which is Hexa-core processor featuring a core clock of 3.90 GHz and Turbo's all the way upto 4.2 GHz. It comes packed with 8 MB L3 and 6 MB L2 cache and has a TDP of 125W. The processor costs a nominal $132 US. Similarly, the FX-4350 is a Quad-core processor with a base clock of 4.20 GHz and 4.30 GHz in Turbo mode. It comes packed with 8 MB of L3 cache and 4 MB of L2 cache and again features a 125W TDP. The CPU costs $122 US. Both CPUs feature the latest instruction set which includes AVX, AES-NI, SSE4.2, SSE4.1, FMA2, and XOP.

AMD FX Processors Specifications:

AMD FX-6350 AMD FX-4350
Cores/Threads 6/6 4/4
Base Clock (GHz) 3.90 GHz 4.20 GHz
Turbo Clock (GHz) 4.20 GHz 4.30 GHz
L3 Cache 8 MB 8 MB
L2 Cache 6 MB 4 MB
TDP 125W 125W
Price $132 US $122 US

AMD would also be slashing the price off their current desktop FX Processors and APUs with price cuts as high as 19%. AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE has also got an 11% price cut bringing down the cost to $81 from $91 US. You can see the new price list in the chart below:

CPU model Old price New price Difference
A6-3600 $95 $77 18.9%
A8-3800 $105 $91 13.3%
A8-3820 $115 $101 12.2%
A6-5400K $67 $57 14.9%
A8-5500 $101 $91 9.9%
A8-5600K $101 $91 9.9%
FX-4300 $122 $108 11.5%
FX-6300 $132 $112 15.2%
FX-8320 $169 $153 9.5%
Phenom II X4 965 BE $91 $81 11%

Chart Courtesy of CPU-World!