AMD Reportedly Preparing Radeon HD 7790 Based On Bonaire XT GPU – Launches in April


Radeon HD 7790

Fudzilla has found out through their sources that AMD is planning to launch a new Radeon HD 7790 GPU in April. AMD Radeon HD 7790 would be a completely new entry to AMD's Radeon HD 7000 series "Southern Islands" lineup and confirms AMD's plans to launch new GPUs during first half of 2013.

It was reported in a telephone conference by AMD that the company would be launching the proper refresh to their Southern Islands HD 7000 cards in Q4 2013. The whole HD 8000 series lineup is planned to unveil in Q4 2013, however this leaves a pretty huge time gap in-between the two GPU generations schedule. AMD would in the meanwhile launch new HD 7000 products, nothing high-end but rather faster products in the HD 7700 and HD 7800 series lineup.

AMD GCN 2.0 Architecture For Radeon HD 7790 GPU?

The new Radeon HD 7790 would be part of the new GPU launches in Q2 2013 (April) and would be equipped with the latest Bonaire XT chip which is presumably a next-generation chip earlier speculated to be used inside the HD 8700 series, showing that its a mainstream chip aimed to replace the HD 7700 series. AMD however restricted AIBs from offering overclocked variants of the new card so we won't be looking at any factory overclocked models of the card at launch. The source reveals that overclocked variants would end up being as fast as the Radeon HD 7850 which would in return hurt its sales figures. Additionally, Fudzilla reveals that the card won't be shown at CeBIT 2013 next month but instead AMD would reveal some other products to keep partners/investors cheered up.

This may sound good at first but the article itself brings up much speculation about AMD's next generation of GPUs. What if Bonaire XT is a next generation chip? Why didn't AMD use a higher clocked Cape Verde chip for Radeon HD 7790. First of all, if AMD's Bonaire XT is a next generation or if it even exists than it could explain the  factory clock restriction well, Like the article suggested that the overclocked performance of the HD 7790 might be better than the HD 7850 itself. With this kind of performance leap, AMD could launch the HD 8770 (Overclocked Bonaire XT/XTX) with their next generation lineup and that would make perfect sense. As for the second question, the Cape Verde is already clocked upto the GHz mark while AIB partners themselves have offered higher clocked HD 7770 chips so most of the power has already been squeezed out of the mainstream chip.

More Next Gen Based HD 7000 Products Possible

Also if AMD does launch a Bonaire XT HD 7790 GPU, could this mean that their other launch in the HD 7000 series lineup could also be based on a next-generation chip? To be specific, we are talking about Hainan here. Hainan is possibly the codename for AMD's HD 8800 series of GPUs which were meant to replace their mid-segment HD 7800 series GPUs and could also be used in an upcoming GPU suppose the HD 7890?.

More HD 7990 Goodness in Upcoming Months

During their telephone conference AMD revealed that they have more Radeon HD 7990 goodness for gamers, however we were told by an AMD representative only a few days back that AMD doesn't plans to launch a reference HD 7990 so this could either be another AIB manufactured GPU or a promotional deal for their Dual Tahiti chip beast. That is the most of the new development on the desktop front, as far as AMD's Mobile GPU lineup is expected, the company is planning a Mars based HD 8970M for reveal in Q2 2013 while new HD 8000M products under the "Solar System" series banner are also expected to arrive soon.