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AMD’s Radeon R9 ‘Fury X’ / Fiji XT GPU Currently Slower Than The Geforce GTX 980 Ti – Demonstrated at Computex 2015


Update: Our sources close to AMD have reported that any reports of performance issues at this time are pointless. We have concrete confirmation that the GPU will launch at E3 - so we have something to look forward to very soon and will get a chance to see its final performance as well.

Update 2: Matt Skynner has stated that "HBM allows (AMD) to build the world's fastest graphics processor. This is implies that any report of internal testing performance issues are nothing to worry about in the final product.

Computex 2015 is in full swing over at Taipei and we have received multiple reports that AMD has demonstrated the Fiji XT flagship, rumored to be called the Fury X GPU, to its partners. The interesting news is however that in its current state - the Radeon R9 Fury X GPU does not beat the GTX 980 Ti in terms of gaming performance. Do note however, that this is a prototype product and AMD is still working on improving the card.

AMD Fiji Picture Teased By Johann AnderssonA leaked image of the Fiji XT flagship, aka Radeon Fury X @Unknown

Computex 2015 Demo: AMD Fiji XT 'Fury X' GPU currently lags behind the 980 Ti, AMD still fine tuning clocks and drivers

We recently did a piece detailing the internal nomenclature of the Fiji XT GPUs and further details about the Fiji flagship classifications. The report was an exclusive by another publication but actually stems from the demonstration of the Fiji XT GPU to AMD partners at the Computex 2015 tradeshow. Various reports from this demonstration (you can find a couple of these from hardwareluxx and nl.hardware.info) reveal that the Radeon R9 Fury X GPU is actually slower than the GTX 980 Ti in its current state.

Ofcourse, something that is readily obvious is the fact that AMD is still playing around with optimizing clocks and the drivers are nowhere near perfect. What that basically means is that even though the card might not be faster than Nvidia's 980 Ti right now, that could very easily change once the final product hits the shelves. AMD has spent alot of time on this product (being on the bleeding edge of vRAM tech) and the delays need to be met with something that is worth the wait. As a company, AMD could be in a lot of trouble if the AMD R9 300 Series and the Fury Series fails to hit the mark. Since this product is still being fine tuned - I am still hoping for a comeback.

Some more details that we now know is that the water cooler has allegedly been supplied by CoolIT with a very short PCB. The reason this can happen is because the power supply circuitry has been moved closer to the GPU core which allows reduction in total size. The card has 6 power phases powered by 2x 8-Pin connectors making it capable of sipping upto 375 Watts. The data sheet recommends using a PSU of atleast 700 watts for the typical system. A single HDMI 2.0 and 3 DisplayPorts (1.2) are present. Another report (this time from PCGamesHardware) reveals that AMD is preparing to launch a 8GB edition of the Fury X sometime in August (take with a pinch of salt). The original price tag of $849 that we talked about some time ago is also mentioned here again, something that makes a bit more sense with twice the amount of memory.