AMD Radeon R3 SSD Series Of SSDs Announced – Great Pricing Featured


With all the talk surrounding AMD Polaris, the company also managed to announce its Radeon R3 SSD family, and this particular solid state drive lineup will provide a nice cost-effective solution to the regular consumer.

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New AMD SSD Series Offer Decent Read And Write Performance And Featuring Capacities All The Way Up To 960GB

The new AMD SSD series will be available in the following capacities:

  • 120GB
  • 240GB
  • 480GB
  • 960GB

AMD Radeon R3 SSD Series Of SSDs Announced – Great Pricing Featured

According to details present on the company’s website, the storage controller present inside the latest lineup is a Silicon Motion SM2256KX. To refresh your memory, SM2256 is the memory controller present inside Samsung’s 840 EVO series, so in terms of reliability and performance, it appears that you are covered through an even better storage controller.

AMD Radeon R3 feature a form factor of 2.5mm and will utilize the SATA III interface. Since this new SSD family has been solely released to target the budget-friendly crowd, you will obviously not be able to experience earth shattering read and write speeds. However, according to the details posted on AMD’s website, the speeds listed are not bad in accordance to the price that they are being sold for. Purchasing a 240GB model or above will allow you to garner sequential read speeds of 520MB/s and sequential write speeds of 470MB/s, which is not bad at all.

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We are going to have to get used to the fact that manufacturers will not list down random read and write speeds since they are generally lower compared to sequential read and write speeds. Now, coming to the details that will either make or break your decision, the pricing. AMD Radeon R3 are currently available to purchase in both United States and Canada. The base storage model (120GB) carries a price of $40.99, while the 240GB model carries a $69.99 price tag.

The best ‘bang for buck’ will probably be received from the 480GB model, which costs $136.99 (keep in mind that all pricing details are for US customers). For their aforementioned price tags, do you guys think AMD has done the right job? Let us know your thoughts right away.