AMD Radeon HD7950 “Tahiti Pro” Unigine Heaven Benchmarks Out, Shows Promising Overclocking Results


UK Online Retailer Overclockers.co.uk have posted the first Unigine Heaven benchmark results of AMD's Upcoming Radeon HD7950 Graphic Card.  The retailer has also posted release dates and approximate pricing of the cards which you'll learn about later in the post:

The Radeon HD7950 tested was a reference model which runs at 810MHz Core / 5000MHz Memory, Packs 3GB GDDR5 Memory Buffer, 1792 Stream Processors, 32ROP's, 112TMU's and memory runs along a 384-bit wide interface. The first set of benchmark results were obtained at a resolution of 1680x1050, 4xAA and Normal Tessellation, Results below:

  • AMD 7950 Stock (810MHz Core / 5000MHz Memory) - 1379 Score
  • AMD 7950 Maxed on Overdrive (1025MHz Core / 6300MHz Memory) - 1689 Score
  • AMD 7950 Maxed OC on Asus OC BIOS (1180MHz Core / 7200MHz Memory) - 1936 Score

As you can note, The Reference card was flashed with an ASUS HD7970 BIOS which resulted in the clocks to reach a core clock of 1180Mhz and 7200Mhz on Memory which is totally insane, This shows that the cards holds a huge overclocking potential. On another note, The guys reported that flashing an HD7950 with HD7970 BIOS didn't unlock any extra Shaders which was reported in our previous post. Details:

Right some odd Heaven results here:-

7950 @ 925MHz / 5500MHz = 1504 points
7950 on 7970 BIOS @ 925MHz / 5500MHz = 1545 points
7970 @ Stock (925/5500) = 1584 points

So even though according to GPU-Z the shaders are not unlocking, flashing to the Asus 7970 BIOS is definitely giving a performance boost, though its not quite at genuine 7970 performance levels, kind of like half way from the results.

So either some shaders are unlocking or the 7970 BIOS is making other improvements, maybe memory timings etc. which is giving the boost.

Still flashing the BIOS is so easy anyway and it would appear the 7970 BIOS is giving some performance enhancement even when clock speeds are identical.

The overclocking spree didn't end yet! Overclockers.co.uk also gave a run to the card at 2560x1600 Resolution this time pushing the card beyond its boundaries:

  • AMD 7950 Maxed OC on Asus OC BIOS (1180MHz Core / 7200MHz Memory) - 1011 Score
  • AMD 7970 Maxed OC on Asus OC BIOS (1225MHz Core / 7800MHz Memory) - 1094 Score
  • NVIDIA GTX 580 3GB OC (902MHz Core / 4355MHz Memory) - 732 Score
The card is a monster for its price, At $449 it not only outperform a GeForce GTX580 but also overclocks better, Runs cooler and show comparatively better results. The 3GB GTX580 wasn't compared since it costs more and equivalent to the HD7970. A 1.5GB Variant is also expected in March for $399. As far as overclockers.co.uk's pricing goes, they'll price the reference model at £350, Non-Reference and Custom models such as PowerColor PCS, Sapphire and ASUS DirectCU II are expected to launch on 31st January.