AMD Radeon HD7770 “Cape Verde XT” Specs, Pictures Leaked, Benchmarked on Intel Ivy Bridge “Core i5 3550” Setup


Chiphell Forum member "bigpao007" has once again broken the NDA and provided a set of Benchmarks and Picture's detailing AMD's 28nm Cape Verde chip based GPU "HD7770". The HD7770 graphic card would fall under the AMD's Mid Range Segment of the Southern Island Series and feature the GCN Core Architecture.

Following are the pics of the Graphic Card itself:

You can also check out a few more pics posted below from our previous post which show the exposed PCB of HD7770:

As you can see, The card features a total of 4 Memory chips resulting in a 128-bit GDDR5 interface and a 2GB memory Buffer. Stream Processor Count and ROPs were not mentioned by the user but looking at our previous reports, A Stream Processor count of 896 and 16 ROPs is expected from the Cape Verde XT chip.

The Core clock is maintained at 1Ghz (1.1Ghz BIOS) and memory runs at a frequency of 1125Mhz. The card is DX11.1 and PCI-e 3.0 Compliant and is powered by a single 6 Pin Connector which means TDP nears around a 90W - 100W.

The Test Setup consisted of a Ivy Bridge ES CPU - Core i5 3550K @ 3.3Ghz, A Z77 Chipset based Motherboard, Driver used was  AMD Catalyst 8.940 RC2. Benchmarks below:

  • 3DMark 06:
  • HD7770 (Stock @ 1Ghz): 18143 3D Marks (SM2.0: 6785/HDR: 8086/CPU: 6390)
  • 3DMark 11 (Performance Preset):
  • HD7770 (Stock @ 1Ghz): P3421 (3138 Graphics Score)
  • 3DMark 11 (Extreme Preset):
  • HD7770 (Stock @ 1Ghz): X1077 (965 Graphics Score)
The HD7770 is expected to launch in February 2012 at a price point of $150.