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Mobility AMD Radeon 500 Series is an OEM Rebrand of Radeon 400 Series – Radeon RX 570 Spotted With Up To 8 GB VRAM


AMD partners showcased many new mobility products utilizing the new Radeon 500 series graphics chips at CES 2017. A user over at Reddit not only found a second Radeon 500 series chip, but managed to confirm that the new lineup is a Radeon 400 series rebadge.

AMD Radeon 500 Series For Mobility Products is 400 Series Rebrand

At Samsung's booth, the new Odyssey series notebooks were displayed with an interesting array of specs. The specifications listed down graphics support of an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 or AMD Radeon RX 570. Both will be available in models with up to 8 GB VRAM. The interesting thing is the Radeon RX 570 which is the second AMD Radeon 500 series mobility products spotted this week.

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Last week, Lenovo's Y520 specifications confirmed the Radeon 500 series mobility lineup. It features a RX 560M with up to 4 GB VRAM. However, as exciting as this sounds, the new lineup aside from the naming scheme isn't a whole lot.

The Radeon RX 570 spotted at Samsung's booth, featured inside the Odyssey notebook. (Via Reddit)

The same Reddit user later confirmed by talking to AMD reps at their booth that the Radeon 500 series cards are actually rebrands of existing Radeon 400 series. Following is what he had to say after visiting the AMD CES booth:

"The card IS an OEM version of the 470. I asked an AMD rep at their booth about it. The 500 series is an OEM rebadge of the 400 series, like how the 8000 series was to the 7000 series." via Reddit

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So it's clear that these new chips are just rebadged 400 series products. But should we expect an OEM desktop lineup to be a rebadge too? Well, generally AMD had both OEM and consumer lines exist together. The entire OEM line of Radeon cards can be seen in this page. AMD can offer the new Vega based Radeon cards under a new naming scheme but they can also use Radeon 500 series branding since Radeon 400 series OEM and their consumer products have existed together.

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As for the mobility cards, there may be a few variants which could come with the new Polaris chips that offer higher performance per watt efficiency but those are just rumors. For now, the 500 series mobility products in Radeon based notebooks are rebrands of the currently available 400 series.