AMD Officially Announces Price-Cuts for Radeon HD 7000 Series, HD 7970 Now Available for $479 MSRP

Apr 16, 2012

It was suggested last week that AMD would be announcing price drops on its Radeon HD 7000 Series graphic cards, Now Hardware Canucks has reported that Price-Cuts have been made official by AMD themselves for the HD 7900 and HD 7700 Series which go effective from tomorrow. The revised prices are listed below:

  • HD 7970:  $479
  • HD 7950:  $399
  • HD 7770:  $139

The Radeon HD 7970 price was untouched for a while even though the NVIDIA's newly released GTX 680 offered an edge over a lower price of $499 however availability was an issue. Prices of the HD 7800 Series would be kept as they are since they are a great choice in the sub-$399 market, NVIDIA is yet to launch a product that falls under this category however there are reports that the Mid-Range GK106 and GTX 670 based on GK104 could arrive in May-June 2012. Maybe then we could see some price cuts by AMD. Also there are some more goodies added by AMD for HD 7900 purchasers for a limited time, You get not one but three free games with the purchase of an HD 7970 or HD 7950 GPU:

  •   Deus Ex:  Human Revolution + Missing Link DLC
  • -  Dirt:  Showdown (this game will be released in May 2012)
  • -  Nexuiz (a DX11 FPS based on the CryEngine 3 to be released on May 2, 2012)