AMD Next To Get Hacked? RansomHouse Extortion Group Claims To Have Stolen 450 Gb Worth of Data

Hassan Mujtaba
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After NVIDIA, it looks like AMD is the next to be hit by a major cybersecurity attack, with 450 Gb worth of data stolen by hacking group, RansomHouse.

450 Gb Worth of AMD Data Rumored To Be Stolen By Hacker Group, RansomHouse

Ex-cybersecurity reporter, Catalin Cimpanu, states that RansomHouse a hacker and extortion group is claiming that they have stolen data from AMD. There are no reports as to when this hacking attempt was made but there were rumors of AMD being hit by a cyberattack this year, earlier.

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RansomHouse is claiming to have breached AMD’s network on January 5, 2022. On the group’s darknet website, they are claiming to have exfiltrated “more than 450 Gb” of data from AMD and have also published a data sample as evidence.

We examined the data sample that included network files, system information, as well as AMD passwords obtained in the alleged breach. Below is the file tree of the sample that RansomHouse has published on its darknet website earlier today.

via Restore Privacy

RansomHouse claims that they didn't deploy any ransomware so it might have been a failed attempt in trying to monetize some stolen data. The group claims that they were able to steal around 56GB (450 Gb) worth of data from AMD's servers. The attack was initiated on the 5th of January 2022. It's not confirmed if the value of the data (GB or Gb)  was used correctly.

Currently, there's no proof if the data was actually stolen from AMD or if the company was the primary infiltration target or a different portal that might be an AMD partner. Restore Privacy, reports that most of the data includes network files, system information, and AMD passwords.

The RansomHouse Telegram Group has already posted this announcement as discovered by Restore Privacy:


Also, RansomHouse doesn't considers itself a ransomware group and has issued the following statement:

We have nothing to do with any breaches and don’t produce or use any ransomware. Our primary goal is to minimize the damage that might be sustained by related parties. RansomHouse members prefer common sense, good conflict management and intelligent negotiations in an effort to achieve fulfillment of each party’s obligations instead of having non-constructive arguments. These are necessary and sufficient principles that lead to amicable agreements and sometimes even to subsequent productive and friendly cooperation.

RansomHouse via Restore Privacy

AMD has yet to provide a statement but we should remember that NVIDIA was also hit by a similar cyberattack earlier this year which was said to be counter-attacked but hackers still managed to get their hands on vast amounts of confidential documents regarding NVIDIA's hardware and software efforts and leaked it to the public. The source code of DLSS and next-gen GPU codenames/specs were on the list of the data that was leaked. Gigabyte was also hit by a major attack with several confidential files of Intel and AMD products being leaked out including specs for Zen 4 powered Ryzen and EPYC CPUs. We have to wait and see if AMD will confirm or deny this hacking attempt.

News Source: Tomshardware

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