AMD Never Settle Bundle “Gaming Evolved” Roadmap Leaked – Gets Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, Gird 2 and More


AMD Never Settle

AMD launched their Never Settle bundle as a part of their "Gaming Evolved" initiative last year and since then has seen some major updates. The most major updates were the recently released "Never Settle" and "Never Settle: Reloaded" bundles which offered AMD GPU buyers with a wide range of game promotions depending on the model of the card they bought.

AMD didn't only stop at bundling latest games with their Radeon HD 7000 series but like their rival NVIDIA, released a new range of graphical features such as the highly praised "Tress FX" effect which used OpenCL to render Lara Croft's hair more realistic with accurate physics in her latest adventurer's in Tomb Raider, the game was also bundled with AMD GPUs. The TressFX's OpenCL rendering is sometimes called as AMD's answer to PhysX from NVIDIA.

During the GDC 2013 announcement of Battlefield 4, it was revealed that AMD's upcoming Radeon HD 7990 was the graphic card running the 17 minutes of gameplay of the game and that too in 4K resolution downscaled to 1080P. Later on, it was reported that AMD might possibly be bundling the card with DICE's Battlefield 4 game and a further AMD Never Settle bundle was being planned for launch that would be including Watch Dogs and a few other "yet to be announced" PC titles.

AMD Never Settle Gets Better than Ever With Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs and More

The folks over at TechReport forums seem to have found a confidential image of what seems to be a roadmap of AMD Never Settle bundle and would be including eight of the latest upcoming titles to spice up the value of AMD GPUs in 2013. These include some of the major blockbuster titles of 2013 such as Battlefield 4, Grid 2, Watch Dogs and Company of Heroes 2 which without a doubt are the most hyped around games of this year. The titles are listed below:Battlefield 4

  • GRID2
  • Company Of Heroes 2
  • Total War: Rome II
  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist
  • Lost Planet 3
  • Raven’s Cry
  • Watch Dogs

It can be noted that we won't be looking at all of these games to be included in a single AMD Never Settle bundle alone. AMD has in the past made set of four titles for their Never Settle bundle so its likely that they would be following the same order again. Since Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs are pitted for Q3/Q4 2013 launch dates, we may be looking at their bundles later in the year, possibly when AMD is on the verge on launching their Radeon HD 8000 series. As for titles like Company of Heroes 2, Lost Planet 3 and Grid 2, they are scheduled for launch earlier so they may be possibly coming with the next AMD never settle bundle.

Nevertheless, if this is true then AMD certainly would be adding more value for their consumers by giving them some of the latest titles to be available in 2013. AMD would also be expanding their Gaming Evolved programme amongst their Trinity and Richland APUs by bundling select A-series chips with SimCity.