AMD Mantle API does not require GCN – Will work with Nvidia Graphic Cards


It seems that you do not need an AMD GCN enabled graphic card to make mantle work, apparently, Mantle will work just as well with Nvidia Graphic Cards. Wow, talk about good PR. AMD has already proved with Tress FX that if you have got a killer app, its better to not make it proprietary.

Mantle API Benefits

GCN Not Compulsory for Mantle - Will work with Nvidia Cards Just as Well

Mantle was going on to be one of the trump cards that AMD gpus boasted but it appears now that AMD is forsaking this  benefit for mass adaptation.  As you may know Mantle is a Low Level API designed to improve performance by improving access to the GPU. AMD has been  striving to optimize the pipelines of the CPU, GPU and everything in between. Still Mantle could have been a major selling point for AMD Cards, but now that wont be the case. There's also another side of the coin, upon which AMD is counting. Remember PhysX? That was proprietary and didn't do so well. By keeping Mantle open to all vendors, AMD is ensuring maximum probability of mass acceptance .

GCN Not Compulsory Mantle NvidiaOf course heres the thing we are not sure about. Mantle was clearly designed with GCN in mind, so when AMD talks about other vendors being able to utilize Mantle does that mean that Mantle will work on their current Architecture? Or will the actual architecture of rival vendors (Nvidia) be need to be modified to support Mantle? If its the later then this is a very subtle move from AMD's side pushing towards a Red Future. Another thing we dont understand is what was up with all the apparent hints that Mantle will be GCN only. Unless AMD suddenly decided to make Mantle, Multi-Vendor (Unlikely) AMD had been planning this all along yet all information previously pointed towards a GCN Only Mantle API.