AMD Launching Radeon HD7950 “Tahiti Pro” on January 31st

Hassan Mujtaba

Fudzilla has reported that AMD's Second Tahiti based 28nm Graphics Card Radeon HD7950 would launch on January 31st.

The Radeon HD7950 would be the second card in the HD7000 Series to support the new GCN Core Architecture and feature a total of 1792 Stream Processors - 28CU's, A 3GB GDDR5 - 384-bit wide memory. The GPU would feature a Core clock frequency of 900Mhz and 1.25Ghz Memory clock (5Ghz Effective).

According to Sources, AIB partners from Day 1 would be ready with Custom Variants of the HD7950 which would originally be priced at $449US. Complete details on AMD's HD7000 Series below:

AMD Radeon HD7000 28nm “Southern Islands” Specs, Pricing and Release Dates Unveiled

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