AMD To Launch Richland APUs on 19th March – Piledriver FX CPU Refresh Expected in June 2013


Richland APUs

New information and launch dates of AMD's upcoming APUs and FX CPU lineup have been leaked by OBR. According to the details, AMD would reveal its third generation Richland APUs on 19th March while the  Piledriver FX CPU refresh is expected around June 2013.

AMD Richland APUs Arrive on March 19th

First up are the Richland APUs which would get a total of six A-Series variants as detailed below:

  • A10-6800K Radeon HD 8670D 844 MHz/ Quad Core 100W, 4.1 GHz/4.4 GHz
  • A8-6600K Radeon HD 8570D 844 MHz/ Quad Core 100W, 3.9 GHz/4.2 GHz
  • A10-6700 Radeon HD 8670D 844 MHz/ Quad Core 65W, 3.7 GHz/4.3 GHz
  • A8-6500 Radeon HD 8570D 800 MHz/ Quad Core 65W, 3.5 GHz/4.1 GHz
  • A6-6400K Radeon HD 8470D 800 MHz/ Dual Core 65W, 3.9 GHz/4.1 GHz
  • A4-6300 Radeon HD 8370D 760 MHz/ Dual Core 65W, 3.7 GHz/3.9 GHz

OBR details that AMD would first of all unleash the PGA socket based FM2 products on March 19th while ULV (Ultra low voltage) BGA packaged chips would arrive in May 2013. Kabini on the other hand would first release with the launch of E-Series in late May 2013 while X-Series would hit a little later in  Q2 2013.

Second Generation Piledriver FX CPUs Expected in June 2013

The other major news is that AMD, as we previously reported is indeed aiming for a Piledriver FX-CPU lineup refresh in June 2013. The successor to the FX-Vishera processors would mostly feature minor IPC improvements through increased clock frequencies.

Steamroller based Kaveri APU in 2H 2013

AMD is also planning the launch of its next generation Kaveri APU in 2H 2013 which will bring Steamroller core architecture to the masses, HSA Enhancements and proper GCN architecture iGPU 'HD 8000' series. More on Kaveri APUs here. Its great to see developments finally picking up the pace at AMD's side, the company would also launch its Graphics Core Next 2.0 based Radeon HD 8000 series in 2013 too.