AMD ‘Kaveri’ A8-7600 Retail Has Been Delayed to Q2 – OEM on Schedule for Q1

A short update on the almost forgotten sibling of the A10-7850k: the Kaveri A8-7600. Basically, the retail SKU which is the AMD A8-7600 has been delayed to the second quarter of 2014. This is the same time frame the rest of Kaveri arrives. However the OEM variant is still on schedule for Q1 2014 release. AMD Kaveri

AMD Kaveri APU A8-7600 OEM on Schedule for Q1 - Retail delayed to Second Quarter

When the Kaveri APU launched a few months ago the engineering samples that were shipped to review sites included the A8-7600 along with the A10-7700K and A10-7800K. However though both A10 APUs were available on launch the A8-7600 wasn't (mostly). The much more energy efficient and cheaper counterpart targeted at a very select niche of low-end products was supposed to debut in Q1 2014. However now confirms that this will not be the case. Homebuilders and people who require a PIB (Processor in a box packaging) will have to wait till the second quarter of 2014, which is almost 6 months after launch and reviews. Here is the official statement of AMD that was given to our Swedish friends:

"Production of the AMD A8-7600 is on track and will be available first to AMD's OEM customers in Q1 2014 to ENSURE the introduction of AMD based systems in Q2 2014. Additional parts of the AMD A8-7600 for PIB production will be available for sale in the component channel in 2H 2014."

The A8-7600 is be the last quad core variant in the Kaveri APU lineup featuring 3.1 GHz base and 3.8 GHz turbo frequencies with 4 MB L2 cache, 65W TDP and DDR3-2133 MHz support. The graphics side would include 384 Stream processors (6 Compute Units) and a core speed of 654 MHz base and 720 MHz boost. The APU should cost $119 US. Now the interesting thing is, that the second wave of Kaveri APUs was already launching in Q2 so the A8-7600 is technically a part of that now. However interestingly the A8-7600 was released to one or two mini-markets around the globe, so if you look for it you might actually find it. Demand and supply applied of course.


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