AMD To Invest More in FirePro – MXM Based FirePro S4000X and FirePro S9150 Spotted

AMD is increasing focus on the FirePro and there fore GPGPU side of things. It already has major design wins in the form of the Mac Pro where AMD cards are used but now not only does it want a more fair share of the cake that Nvidia is eating but it has also introduced the FirePro S4000X and FirePro S9150 (which is the passive version of W9100).AMD S4000X MXM GPU

AMD Wants to Invest More on the FirePro Side of Things - Want's a Piece of the Pie Nvidia is Eating

Currently Nvidia has a major lead in GPGPU sector whose high end is dominated by Tesla and Quadro graphics (the video industry has an almost perfect monopoly for Nvidia Cards). But AMD is looking to change all that, infact in a niche presentation given on Computex (which we have just now received thanks to some friends) they revealed that they are going to increase investment in the FirePro side of things. This investment will be both on the software and media level, which means that they will not only increase money on R&D but on Marketing as well. Also the AIB Sapphire has pledged its support and since it is highly active in Europe thats a good sign.

Lisa Su and David Cummings mentioned the OpenCL way that is the path of choice for FirePro cards and how the open compute platform provides better flexibility than CUDA and Quadro/Tesla counterparts. It was at this presentation that two new models, that have only been heard off on paper before were shown. The first of these models were the FirePro S4000X which is an MXM Module based GPU designed specifically for Blade Servers.  It has a peak single precision capacity of 992 Gflops and houses 640 processing units while sipping just 45W of juice. The GPU is Cape Verde. The second card shown was the AMD FirePro S9150, which is just the passively cooled model of AMD's influential W9100 Professional Graphic Card. AMD FirePro W8000 AMD FirePro W9000 AMD FirePro W9100
GPU Tahiti GL-Pro Tahiti GL-XT Hawaii-GL XT
Compute Units 28 32 44
Stream Processors 1792 2048 2816
Texture Units 112 128 176
ROPs 32 32 64
Memory Size 4 GB GDDR5 6 GB GDDR5 16 GB GDDR5
Memory Bus 256-bit 384-bit 512-bit
Compute Performance (Single Precision / Double Precision) 3.23 / 0.81 3.99 / 1.00 5.24 / 2.76
TDP 189W 274W 275W
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