AMD HD7000 Series (Southern Islands) Specs and Prices Leaked


Guys over at SemiAccurate have leaked details and prices of AMD's Upcoming Next Gen HD7000 Series GPU's Codenamed Southern Islands. The new info details the Prices and Memory Bus of the higher end cards.

The HD7900 Series GPU's Tahiti XT would arrive in January 2012 and Tahiti Pro would arrive a month late. Both Graphic Cards would feature the GNC (Graphics Next Core) Architecture which would utilize XDR2 Memory. The Top End Tahiti XT (HD7970) would cost around $500 while the Tahiti Pro (HD7950) would cost $400.

The Pitcairn Series graphic cards would also be based on the GNC Architecture featuring XDR2 Memory. Pitcairn XT (HD7870) would arrive in March 2012 at a price of $300 and Pitcairn Pro (HD7850) a month later in April 2012.

Both Tahiti and Pitcairn would be built on TSMC's 28nm process. Another new info is that both series GPU's would feature 384-bit memory bus which means each GPU would hold 3GB memory which means gaming on Multiple Eyefinity Displays with HD3D would be made easier. For more info on AMD's HD7000 Series, Check here.

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