AMD’s Full Blown Hawaii XTX Core Confirmed – Is this the R9 295X with 3072 SPs and 48 CUs?

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As you may remember, we posted about a leak by the reliable Dr D.G.Lee which claimed that the Hawaii XT core was actually a cut down variant of the actual die. From thence speculation started about the existence of the full core which is called Hawaii XTX. The existence of said core was kept under wraps for AMD to have a competitive strategy against any intermediary cards from Nvidia. However another site, has now confirmed its existence so we can safely say that this is now pretty much a done deal.AMD Hawaii XTX GPU

The real Hawaii eruption never happened, so buckle up. Courtesy UDteam.Tistory!

Fully Unlocked Hawaii XTX Could Feature 3072 Stream Processors and 48 CUs - Is this the Flagship AMD Radeon R9 295X?

So things have just gotten much more interesting. Technically AMD's hasn't released its flagship yet and this new flagship with the Hawaii XTX core will be pitted directly against the GM204 Maxwell in all probability. Now D.G. Lee pulled the leak nearly instantly (and I am not going to link a dead URL here) but if you go through to our original post you can still find it. There is no word on the exact launch date but AMD's Hawaii XTX GPU should be launching at about the same time as the Maxwell GM204 for maximum impact. It will come down to a battle between the GTX 880 and the AMD R9 295X, sadly a war that would be fought on the 28m node. Here are the specifications as revealed by DG Lee:

The fully enabled Hawaii XTX GPU as seen from the die shot has 48 Compute Units, 192 Texture Mapping Units and 64 Raster Operators. The 48 Compute units amount to a total of 3072 stream processors. That’s the same number of cores once featured on AMD’s Radeon HD 6990 dual-chip graphics card and also the same number of cores which are currently available on NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 690 dual-chip card. Now the sheer amount of cores on this die is impressive. Where Nvidia is changing architectures and achieving high core counts, AMD is pushing for more cores in the same architecture which is much more difficult. This card is gearing up to be a monstrosity. Ofcourse the specifications have not been confirmed yet, and neither has the nomenclature been confirmed (VC speculates it could be R9 290XT) but its just a name so that is of negligible importance right now. It goes without saying however that the Hawaii XTX GPU (or R9 295X) will fall in the R9 series unless they name it R10 Zeus, dear God. Finally its worth adding that we are looking at TSMC 28nm once again.

AMD Radeon R9 295X Series Specifications:

AMD Hawaii XTX Probable Specifications
WCCFTech.comThe Alleged R9 295X
Stream Processors (SPs)3072
Texture Mapping Units (TMUs)192
Compute Units (CUs)48
Raster Operation Units (ROPs)64

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