AMD Rolls Out Revised Fury X Cards With Silent Pumps – Already Available In Retail

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X cards with revised pumps are now available in retail. The new revision fixes the whine noise found in the early units and is significantly quieter. The revised pump is virtually silent and bears a new Cooler Master logo which can be used to easily identify the new revision of the card.

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Revised Pump
The earlier production units prone to higher pump acoustic signatures have small white and blue Cooler Master stickers instead of the one seen above. Users who suspect that they might have a card with a loud pump should remove the face plate of the card and look for the sticker shown below. If you're one such user you should have no issues exchanging your card for the new revision either directly through your retailer or via an RMA.

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Old Pump
A user whom previously uploaded a video on youtube to showcase the pump noise/whine on his particular early R9 Fury X unit has managed to successfully return his card and get a replacement with the revised pump. Incidentally he uploaded a second video of the new card with the updated pump for comparison.

AMD Rolls Out Revised Fury X Cards With Silent Pumps - Already Available In Retail

You can check out his videos of the early Fury X production unit as well as the replacement Fury X with the revised pump below.

The uploader reports that the pump noise is "gone". The noise difference is very clear between the old production unit and the updated version in the videos above. As he pulls the camera to about one foot away from the case, while still open, the Fury X with the revised pump is completely silent. The noise emitted from the early production unit based on the user's video above is actually not too bad to begin with, but understandably it will vary from one card to another. And some users will have louder cards who are likely to benefit from the revised pump.

AMD originally stated that the audible pump noise was limited to a small number of early production units. This included both review samples and early retail samples. According to AMD a fix that resolved the noise issue had already been applied to the units in production. About a week has passed since the introduction of the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X and we've already begun to see the production units with the applied "fix" appear in retail and in users hands.

Thankfully the fix seems to work rather well and did not take long for it to take effect. So it should bring a sense of relief to owners who were unlucky enough to end up with particularly loud card. Who should face no trouble exchanging it for the updated versions. Potential buyers should also feel more confident now that new revision of the Fury X has arrived to retailers and employs a different sticker which can be used to easily identify it.

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