AMD Drops Teasers of a Mysterious New Reveal – Is this the Next Gen Low Power Beema APU with PUMA Cores?

AMD has begun teasing '#AMDReveal' what appears to be either a new architecture or a new processor on their page here. However red has provided us with a not-so-cryptic clue "Something Small is Coming but its Big News". So this almost certainly points to a mobile processor or an SoC. It could also point to a new architecture, but thats a far stretch. There is some pretty haphazard guesswork going on at the twitter feed, but if you are here, you probably want something more solid, and that is what we are going to deliver. amd_hint_0000_Day1

#AMDReveal Teases what is probably Low Power Beema APUs Under a Magnifying glass

We literally have no information about this upcoming processor or architecture apart from that picture above. But thankfully the die is enough to give us some room for educated speculation. First of all, the die is fairly obvious as a part of the Kabini family of processors. The signature placement of key parts such as the memory controller, the cores and the general layout puts it as an almost mirror image of the Kabini series. We have prepared a small slide to emphasize the similarities. Now be sure that the architecture is not a complete copy paste. There are some minor variations that can make very significant changes in the functioning and power of a processor.

Click to Expand.

Now what we see here is the memory controller highlighted under the magnifying glass. However because I procrastinated alot while writing this article, I noticed that the highlighted part is actually shifting. Basically the highlighted part is not a focus but a slow reveal. Which means that the entire part is going to be highlighted eventually. If you do not enjoy (though educated) guess work, I would suggest you skip the next para.

Now here are the prime contestants (in my opinion) to what this is:

  • Beema Soc: I put the probability of this being a Beema SoC at around 90% or so. AMD has been revealing its plans about Mullins and Beema the past week now and I would not be surprised at all (quite the contrary) if this is indeed AMD's Next Gen Beema (and Mullin APU). These will also feature two x86 PUMA Cores.
  • Mobile Kabini or Kabini Variant (Socketed Desktop): Probability of this is about 5% in my books because of the fact that the die is under a magnifying glass and has similar architecture. So a very small chip with kabini architecture is a possibility although remote.
  • Adobe's Creative Suite full support (HSA included?): Now this would be quite something. Adobe's suite is sadly under a green monopoly and AMD breaking into this would spell big sales for AMD's FirePro department. 4.9% Probability.
  • Something -Low Power SoC- Else: For the sake of realism, it could also be something that we cannot foresee. But this is quite obviously a low power SoC at any rate. 0.1% Probability.

Update #1:AMD Beema Kabini Hint 2

Update #2:AMD Teasaer 2

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