AMD Demos “Project Discovery” featuring the “Mullins” SoC APU – DockPort Makes a Comeback

AMD demoed a very interesting device at CES. "Project Discovery" is about making your beautiful Smart TV even smarter. Basically a computer somewhere between the Raspberry Pie and Intel's NUC, "Project Discovery" is a Tablet shaped box, designed to make your TV able to play PC games. It is powered by the Mullins SoC APU.

Project Discovery with Mullins SoC APUPhoto Credits :

AMD's "Project Discovery" aims to Turn your TV into a Gaming Console. Powered by Mullins SoC APU

Mullins lies one step lower in AMD's Power Hierarchy than Beema, so correspondingly its power draw and graphical power output is slightly less. The Mullins SoC has been made from the 28nm Fabrication process if you dont already know that.

The working prototype of "Project Discovery" was showcased at CES. Now the interesting thing is that "Project Discovery" itself only has the one mini DisplayPort. This is where the Dock Port comes in. Basically Project Discovery connects to DockPort which in turn connects to your TV. The Demo included a full PC Game, namely FIFA 14, working flawlessly. Since Project Discovery is compatible with a normal joystick controller, you basically have a low powered console right there.

The form factor is pretty aesthetic too, and looks somewhat like the Kinect Devices of Xbox. Its worth noting here that the game demoed had pretty simple graphic requirements. But that is to be expected with any low powered SoC. So all in all, if the price is right this could be a device worth buying for the Hardcore PC Enthusiasts out there who haven't bought real consoles. This is not comparable with Steam Machines because this isn't meant to replace your PC as the main gaming device.


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