AMD Computex 2016 Live Stream – Watch Polaris and Bristol Ridge Updates Here

AMD's live stream from Computex 2016 will be starting in a matter of a few hours and will appear on this page as soon as it is made available to us. The press has already been briefed about the new Polari GPU lineup, namely the RX 480 series, and it is expected that the company will reveal some details about the same here. AMD is also expected to talk about their next generation of APU code-named Bristol Ridge, featuring Excavator cores, on the brand new AM4 platform - which is set to debut here. Stay tuned and bookmark this page for more info!

AMD Computex 2016 'Polaris and Bristol Ridge' Live Stream

We will have more information available in separate articles once the event is over. Till then, you can watch the whole stream with us right over here!

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