AMD Catalyst 14.9.1 Drivers Released – Fixes Major Quad Crossfire Bugs

Usman Pirzada

AMD released the Catalyst 14.9.1 drivers a few days ago. While the update was of a minor nature, we received several emails from users that mentioned that AMD has solved some serious crashing problems with Crossfire in this update. However, there are still some unresolved issues with crossfire and Mantle API that persist.AMD Catalyst 14.9.1 Drivers

AMD Catalyst™ 14.9.1 Beta Windows® Driver Released

When I say crossfire, what I actually mean is Quad Crossfire. One of the reasons this update was termed as minor is because, lets face it, how many of us are actually rocking Quad Crossfire rigs? A pretty slim number I would hazard a guess. Ofcourse, since the problems were pretty severe in nature and included the likes of BSOD upon enabling/disabling crossfire, this update would make the difference between life-and-outdated-drivers for Quad GPU Radeon configs.

A general issue that this update has also fixed is 'crashes related to driver installation'. There are still some kinks that need to be ironed out and one of these is a bug in Mantle which does not allow resolution to be changed (you have to switch over to DirectX if you want to change resolutions, then change back to Mantle API). The important bits of the changelog are given below while the full change log (and the download link! ) can be found over at AMD Official.

Resolved Issues

  • Driver installation randomly crashes or hangs
  • Intermittent black screen or BSOD on reboot after driver installation
  • [406933]: CCC intermittently crashes with error popup message
  • [406904]: Random hang or BSOD when launching Battlefield 4 in quad Crossfire™
  • [406906]: Random hang or BSOD when enabling or disabling quad Crossfire™
  • [406905]: Intermittent hang when launching Sniper Elite 3 with quad Crossfire™

Known Issues

  • [406977]: Dual AMD Radeon™ HD 7990 intermittent BSOD when upgrading from previous AMD Catalyst™ 14.4 driver – see "Important Notes" section below on how to resolve this issue
  • [406953]: Battlefield 4 intermittent crash or hang when changing game resolution in Mantle – If you experience this issue go to the games video options menu and select DirectX mode then change resolutions. Once that is done go back to Mantle mode to play the game at the new resolution you chose.
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