AMD Catalyst 13.35 (With Mantle) Leaked – With Download Links!


The Catalyst 13.35 was supposed to be one crucial driver from AMD. Previously AMD was working on this driver, now it's leaked through inside Toshiba. This driver features enhanced support for the Radeon R2xx series graphic cards and will also support AMD's upcoming APU's. The "Kaveri" based Accelerated processing units will make the most use of this new driver.AMD Catalyst 13.35 Software

Catalyst 13.35 Download Link - Mantle Support

The 13.35 BETA driver will bring a lot of changes. Some of them include :

  • Performance improvement in Battlefield 4 - Thanks To AMD Mantle.
  • Frame pacing enhancements - Dual graphics support
  • AMD TrueAudio support
  • Support for Ubuntu 12.1, openSUSE 13.1 And RHEL 6.5.

This new driver aims to correct frame pacing issues which have plagued AMD's graphic cards since the 7000 series. Many previous drivers have improved the condition but they haven't rectified it fully. This driver may also help in frame pacing issues with Kaveri based APU's. Running a Kaveri APU in tandem with a dedicated graphic card will require some serious support from the software side for a smooth gameplay.

The highlight of this driver update is the performance improvement in Battlefield 4. If what AMD says is true, gamers having AMD gpu's will get a massive 45% performance improvement by this new BETA driver's mantle support. For now the improvement will only be seen in BF4.

AMD TrueAudio technology according to AMD's site will just "Improve" your listening experience."Properly enabled games and content will deliver unprecedented levels of acoustic fidelity and immersion". Along with these goodies, full DirectX 11.2 support is granted for GPU's 7xxx series onwards. AMD showed off a sizable performance improvement when they outed the Catalyst 13.12 driver, maybe this driver also provides the same kick.

For more info on the Catalyst 13.35.

And lastly the driver itself,

Link 1 

Link 2.

This is a BETA ( or possibly Alpha) driver so install at your own risk, although the source of this driver is strong, be careful before executing it. Also this driver supports Toshiba laptops with AMD GPU's, so if u are tech savvy, u can manually modify the INF file to check it out.

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