AMD Carizo APU To Replace Kaveri in 2015 – Nolan APU Codenamed Beema’s Successor


A few hours ago Digitimes reported that Kaveri APUs from AMD might probably get delayed since their mass production hasn't commenced yet. But there was some more information hidden in the news post which hints codenames for AMD's 2015 lineup of accelerated processing units.

AMD Carizo APU To Replace Kaveri APU in 2015 - Based on Excavator Core?

AMD's Kaveri APUs which are expected to arrive by the end of this year or early next year (due to production issues) will feature the latest steamroller core architecture and graphics next core which would would provide greater performance leap over Trinity and Richland APUs. In addition to the core enhancements, Kaveri APUs would also feature for the first time HUMA/HSA (Heterogeneous System Architecture) which would allow PCs to make use of a unified memory architecture which would allow cross sharing of system ram between the GPU and CPU. This would enhance the way PCs access and communicate with their memory.

In the first half of 2014, AMD plans to release two more HSA-based APU series: Berlin for server products and Beema, to replace the existing Kabini APU series. In 2015, AMD will release Carizo and Nolan APU series to replace Kaveri and Beema, respectively, both featuring HSA. Digitimes

Now Digitimes have revealed that in 2015, AMD would launch the successors to these chips. The successor to Kaveri APU would be codenamed Carizo APU. The Carizo APU would feature HSA support but its unknown what the core and graphics side would be powered by. When the Carizo APU arrives in 2015, AMD would be on the verge of launching or would already have released their Excavator core architecture and the Pirate Island series of graphic processors. Now the thing we don't know is whether the Carizo APU would be a steamroller refresh like Richland was to Trinity or would it be based on a completely new Excavator architecture along with a new Radeon core.

AMD Beema's 2015 Successor is Codenamed Nolan APU

The second codename that has been revealed by Digitimes is Nolan. The Nolan APU would replace the Beema APU which itself replaces Kabini next year and would feature an enhanced Jaguar core with GCN 2.0 cores and HSA support. The Nolan APU would be available to consumers in 2015 and a low power design would replace the Mullins APU that would replace Temash in 2015. So these are some of the ongoing developments by AMD which have been hinted and a bit too early. As a matter of fact, AMD is also preparing their latest Volcanic Islands GPU codenamed Hawaii and the Crystal series mobility GPU lineup which you might want to look into.