New AMD Bulldozer Processors Available for Pre-Orders, FX-4170 Quad Core Costs $150 – Runs at 4.2Ghz Stock Frequency!


AMD has listed Pre-Order pricing of its upcoming bulldozer lineup which includes three new processors - FX-4170 (Quad Core), FX-6200 (Six Core) and US Watercooled version of FX-8150. Launch date of the new processors are unknown at the moment.

The FX-4170 would be a Quad Core model featuring four threads, A Stock Core clock of 4.2Ghz and Turbo Core Frequency upto 4.3Ghz (2 Cores Enabled). The CPU packs 8MB L3 Cache and a 125W TDP design, Pre-Order pricing is $153.27.

A Six Core model FX-6200 is also available for Pre-Order at $188.48. It runs at 3.8Ghz Stock Clock and 4.1Ghz Turbo Core frequency, Packs 8MB L3 Cache along with a 125W TDP design. AMD would also release a US version of the FX-8150 which would come bundled with the Water Cooling Kit AMD introduced in its high end FX-8000 Series Processors. The specs of the eight core chip would remain unchanged, Pre-Order pricing would is set at $188.48.