AMD Bulldozer FX-8130P and FX-8110 Processors now available for Sale


A Singapore Hardware Site is selling two AMD Bulldozer 8 Core Processors. The CPU's include a FX-8130P and FX-8110 Zambezi-FX based chip which come with 8 Cores and 8 Threads Each.

The FX-8130P is rumored to come with a Core clock 3.8Ghz with Turbo upto 4.2Ghz featuring 125W TDP, Its priced at the site for 600$ which is twice as much of its original 320$ price tag announced here. The FX-8110 is a 8C/8T CPU which comes with slightly lower clock speeds of 3.6Ghz, Max T.C 4.0Ghz featuring 95W TDP, Priced at 500$ (290$ Original Price).

However, Bulldozer is only available yet in the form of B1 revision Engineering Samples so clocks might be a bit lower than what i mentioned above. Overclocking may also be limited due to locked multipliers. The final clocks would be seen in the B2 revision of the processors which will arrive in Q3 2011. Check out source for more info on prices.

AMD Bulldozer (Zambezi-FX) Specifications Leaked by Asus