AMD Bulldozer FX-8100 Unveiled in HP Pavilion Desktop, Priced at 165US$

Nov 2, 2011

AMD's Bulldozer FX-8100 Eight Core Processor has been revealed on HP's Pavilion h8z/h8m official product page. The new Bulldozer (Zambezi-FX) based Processor would feature lower TDP of 95W and would be priced at 165US$ which is 80$'s lesser than the flagship FX-8150 Processor.

The FX-8100 8 Core/ 8 Thread features an 8MB L3 Cache and operates at stock clock speeds of 2.8Ghz and Turbo Core of 3.1Ghz, If Half the cores are disabled or un-operational the Turbo Core jumps upto 3.7Ghz. The processor supports  SSE4/AES/AVX instruction set.

Check out the official page of HP's Pavilion Desktop PC here for more details.