AMD Bulldozer FX 8 Core Processor (ES) Spotted running at 5.5Ghz Under LN2 With 4-Way SLI GTX 580’s

Hassan Mujtaba

An AMD Bulldozer 8 Core Processors (Engineering Sample) has been spotted running at 5.5Ghz with the help of some Liquid Nitrogen. The chip was shown in a video uploaded at Youtube by CzechPCTuning and was also reported at the OBR Blog. The video also showed Nvidia GPU's running in 4-Way SLI for the first time on an AMD 990FX based Motherboard.

Following are the complete specs of the PC:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-990FX-UD7
Processor: AMD FX ES @ 5,5 GHz
Memory: Kingston HyperX 4GB DDR3 (1866mhz)
Video Card: 4 x GTX 580 SLI
Power Supply: Revolution 1250W 85+ Rating
Cooling: Liquid Nitrogen LN2

The user overclocked the CPU to 5.5Ghz under some cool LN2 while voltages remain unknown, The GTX 580 graphics cards are also overclocked and custom variants which include a stock variant, Direct CUII, Twin Frozr III and Matrix. Geforce 275.36 drivers were used here to allow compatibility with AMD motherboards. There was also some blinking on the screen but the user said that it was due to a faulty SLI connector, 3D Mark 11 was seen running and the user reported that results would be updated soon. Video below:

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