AMD Officially Announces Radeon R7 SSDs – 120G, 240G and 480G Variants from OCZ

Remember the Radeon R7 SSD launch we told you about a few days back? Well, the official launch happened earlier today. The Radeon R7 SSDs are basically an initiative of AMD and OCZ to sell OCZ based Solid State Drives under the AMD brand name, therefore reaching more customers and targeting a specific market (gaming). I have the entire slide deck with me, but I am afraid I still don't have word on what the pricing will be and how it will compare to the rest of the SSDs.

AMD Radeon R7 Series Page 01

AMD Officially Announces OCZ Based Radeon R7 SSDs - 120G, 240G and 480G

The Radeon R7 SSDs slot in between the 'Mainstream' Vertex 460 Series and the 'Workstation' Vector 150 SSDs. The R7 SSDs use the same controller as the Vector 150 and the only difference lies with the flash. Where the Vector 150 uses the 19nm MLC (Toshiba Multi Level Cell) node, rated for 50GB of write per day for 5 years, the R7 uses A19nm MLC (notice the added A) rated for 30GB of write for 4 years. The interface is ofcourse SATA III 6GB/s and the form factor is 2.5 Inches with an ultra slim 7mm width. The disk is 256 Bit AES path compliant and contains the usual features such as SMART and has an expected life span of 4 Years (30GB per day) or 42.7 Terabytes of write. It consumes a marginal 2.7W of power and can operate from 0c to 70c. The Radeon R7 SSDs can withstand shocks of upto 1500Gs and an operational vibration of 7-800Hz. Here are the specs and the complete slide set of the Radeon R7 SSDs.

WCCFTechRadeon R7 120G SSDRadeon R7 240G SSDRadeon R7 480G SSD
Max Read 550MB/s550MB/s550MB/s
Max Write470MB/s530MB/s530MB/s
Max Random Read IOPs85,00095,000100,000
Max Random Write IOPs90,00090,00090,000
Steady State Random Write IOPs12,00020,00023,000

The R7 SSDs come in three variants, 120G, 240G and 480G respectively. All three models offer sequential read speeds of up to 550 MB/s.  The 120 GB variant offers up to 470 MB/s of sequential write and the 240 GB and 480 GB variants offer up to 530 MB/s. Their 4K random read performance numbers are 85,000 IOPS, 95,000 IOPS, and 100,000 IOPS, respectively. The 4K sequential write performance for all three is rated at 90,000 IOPS. As I mentioned in the original article, Pricing is what will make or break this lineup and I will be waiting to see just how that particular part fares.



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