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AMD Launches 7890K & FX 8370 With Silent Wraith Cooler – 880K And 7870K Processors With New Silent Heatsinks


Today AMD is launching a new set of desktop CPU and APU products bundled with the company's new range of silent stock air coolers. Earlier this month AMD launched several new desktop chips and a new range of silent stock air coolers.
AMD 2016 CPU/APU Roadmap

The processors included two new Kaveri 7000 series APUs and a Carrizo Athlon CPU on the FM2+ socket. The company also updated some of its existing AM3+ 8000 series FX processors with the brand new "Wraith" stock CPU cooler.

Today the company is coming out with three new products that follow in the same vain. Last week we had the opportunity to speak with AMD's Don Wallosk in a press briefing about AMD's short-term plans for the desktop, including both the AM3+, FM2+ and AM1 sockets. AMD's current lineup of processors on the desktop are segmented into three different brackets. The performance segment is addressed by the company's AM3+ socket and the FX series processors.

The FM2+ socket is meant to address the mainstream segment as such it includes both CPUs and APUs - processors with capable integrated graphics engines. Finally the AM1 socket sits at the entry level and is meant to provide everyday computing performance at very low power, small form factors and modest cost.

Today's Launch : Faster CPUs, APUs And Much Better Coolers - A10 7890K , A10 7870K And X4 880K

Today AMD is launching three new processors, two APUs and one CPU all of which will be bundled with brand new near-silent stock CPU coolers. The first first chip is the A10 7890K, a quadcore Kaveri APU with 512 graphics core next stream processors, 4MB of L2 cache and a 95W TDP. This chip will come bundled with the company's new sleek Wraith stock CPU cooler and features an unlocked multiplier for overclocking. At 4.1Ghz base and 4.3Ghz boost this is the fastest Kaveri APU to date.

The second chip in question is the A10 7870K, which AMD actually launched last year but will be updating with a new stock CPU cooler today. The 7870K will not be bundled with the Wraith cooler but with an identical solution that just lacks the external shroud with the LED illuminated AMD logo. The A10 7870K is identical to the A10 7890K in terms of core counts and TDP but is rated at slightly lower clock speeds, 3.9Ghz base and 4.1Ghz boost.

Finally we have the Athlon X4 880K. A quadcore Kaveri based processor with the graphics portion disabled. So this is a CPU product. It features four steamroller cores clocked at 4.0Ghz based and 4.2Ghz boost with an unlocked multiplier for overclocking. It features 4MB of L2 cache and is rated at a 95W TDP. It will be bundled with the same cooling solution as the A10 7870K, which again is identical to the Wraith in all aspects except aesthetically it lacks the external shroud with the AMD illuminated logo.

AMD's New 125W, 95W And 65W Acoustically Optimized Thermal Solutions

The new AMD 95W and 65W Quiet thermal solutions offer better air flow, lower noise and improved thermals compared to the company's previous stock air coolers. Right now AMD has succeeded in setting up an entire range of acoustically optimized stock air coolers ranging from the 125W flagship Wraith design to the 95W and 65W air coolers that you see below. The 65W air cooler features a dense aluminum block heatsink and a compact, quiet AMD red fan. The 95W solution features a larger aluminum block with two copper heatpipes and a mirror finished copper base as well as the same AMD red fan.

Wraith's noise output is rated at 39dB, 12 decibels less than its predecessor the D3 stock air cooler. Because the dB scale for noise is a logarithmic one a 12 decibel reduction is actually very significant. When it comes to airflow, the Wraith fan can push up to 55.78 CFM, compared to the 41.6 CFM of its predecessor. Which is a 34% increase. The heatsink features four copper heatpipes and a surface area of 179,730.10 mm2 a 24% overall increase from its predecessor the D3 which has a surface area of 144,397.80 mm2.

AMD's Updated CPU/APU Pricing

Core Freq. (GHz)up to 4.33.9-4.13.6-4.03.6-3.93.3-3.83.1-3.83.7-4.03.7-4.03.5-3.8
Compute Units4+84+84+84+64+64+62+44+04+0
IGP Freq. (MHz)unknown866754754720720800N/AN/A
L2 Cache2x2MB2x2MB2x2MB2x2MB2x2MB2x2MB1MB2x2MB2x1MB
  • AMD FX 8370 Wraith - $199.99 USD
  • AMD FX 8370 - $189.99 USD
  • AMD A10-7860K - $117.99 USD
  • AMD A8-7670K - $105.99 USD
  • AMD A8-7650K - $95.99 USD
  • AMD Athlon X4 870K - $89.99 USD
  • AMD Athlon X4 860K - $79.99 USD
  • AMD Athlon X4 845 - $69.99 USD
  • AMD A10-7890K – $164.99 USD
  • AMD A10-7870K – $139.99 USD
  • AMD Athlon™ X4 880K – $94.99 USD

Range Of AM3+ and FM2+ Motherboards Featuring M.2 Sata Interfaces And USB 3.1 Type C



AMD’s board partners are also offering a new range of AM3+ and FM2+ motherboards with support for M.2 SATA interfaces as well as USB 3.1. They include 10 AM3+ motherboards from Gigabyte, MSI, Asus and Asrock as well as 8 FM2+ motherboards in both ATX and micro ATX form factors.

AMD Feb2 Desktop Processor Update - PRESS DECK - legally approved_v2-page-019

Later in the year the company intends to launch its next generation AM4 socket to support its upcoming family of Bristol Ridge APUs and 14nm Zen based Summit Ridge family of FX processors. To learn more you can check out our in-depth Zen article in which we detail everything that's been revealed about AMD's upcoming 14nm Summit Ridge CPUs to date.

AMD Next Gen CPU Families:

WCCFTechAMD Raven RidgeAMD Summit RidgeAMD Bristol RidgeAMD FX "8000 Series"AMD A-Series "7000/8000-Series"
Product SegmentMainstream Desktop and Mobility APUPerformance Desktop Processors "FX"Mainstream Desktop and Mobility APUPerformance Desktop Processors "FX"Mainstream Processors "Kaveri/Godavari"
Product Architecturex86 Zenx86 Zenx86 Excavatorx86 Bulldozer/Piledriverx86 Steamroller
Process Node14nm14nm28nm32nm28nm
GPU ArchitectureGCN 4.0N/AGCN 3.0N/AGCN 2.0
South BridgePromontory/SOCPromontoryPromontory/SOC990FXA88X
Launch2017Q4 20161H 20162011-20162013-2016