AMD A10-6790k APU Launched and Specifications Confirmed – Will Cost $130

Usman Pirzada

AMD has launched the Richland A10-6790k APU today and it is priced at around $130. Coming in just $10 under the A10-6800k, the A10-6790k is the more cost effective option of the two.

richland apu a10-6790k

AMD Launches Richland A10-6790k APU - Just $10 Dollars Less than the A10-6800k

The A10-6790K has  a base clock speed of 4.1 GHz (100Mhz less than the A10-6800k), and a Turbo speed of 4.3 GHz (100Mhz less than that of the A10-6800k). The K suffix means that the APU has an unlocked multiplier and is basically overclock-able. Meaning you can easily overclock it to the A10-6800k Configuration.

Where Graphics are concerned (and everything else for that matter), the A10-6790k features the same Radeon 8670D graphics core, featuring 384 stream processors and running at the exact same 844 MHz. The memory frequency of the A10-6790K is 1866 MHz however. AMD says that it expects the A10-6790K Richland APU to carry a street price of about $130, which is $10 less than the A10-6800k.

The 'Little Brother' of the A10-6800k utilizes the same the FM2 socket and your standard Turbo Core Technology. We assume it will feature all the standard SSE4.2, FMA 4/3, AES and XOP like the 6800k though of course details are shaky at the moment. Needless to say however, if you are going to be overclocking, its really not worth spending even something as little as $10 because the gap is something the slightest tweaking would fix. However on the other hand we have seen instances where sometimes, your chances of there being larger head room (to OC), are better in chips that come with a higher factory clock. So that just might be the one plus point of spending the extra buck.

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