Amazon’s Alexa Adds iCloud Calendar Support Ahead Of Apple’s ‘Siri Speaker’ Launch

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Of all the potential releases next week at Apple's WWDC event, one of the most anticipated addition will be the rumored 'Siri Speaker'. Ahead of its introduction, Amazon is updating its Echo ecosystem to better compete against what's to come. The company has added support for iCloud Calendars, which has quite a handful of tricks up its sleeves. So lets dive in to see some more details on what the new update has to offer and what does iCloud Calendars integration has in store for users.

Amazon Adds iCloud Calendars Support In Its Echo Ecosystem

Integrating iCloud Calendars in Amazon's Echo ecosystem means that users will now be able to initiate Alexa voice assistant and ask about the forthcoming calendar events. In addition to this, users would also have the ability to add calendar entries using just their voice. The iCloud Calendar support will sync from the server to other devices connected through iCloud as well. With that said, all calendar entries will appear as though they're added via Siri.

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According to Amazon, the iCloud Calendar integration is now up and running in three regions, United States,  United Kingdom and Germany. Moreover, Alexa also works with G Suite accounts, Gmail or Google accounts, Office 360 commercial customers with exchange online mailboxes, Outlook email accounts as well as others like Hotmail, Live and more.

Earlier this month, Amazon also announced its very first Echo device that came with a display. The device was called the Echo Show and is set to ship at the end of next month for a hefty price tag of $229. Amazon has added an extra layer of interaction over its Echo platform through the introduction of the new product. Amazon's Alexa app is also available on the App Store as a free download, so do check it out if you're interested.

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Apple's rumored Siri Speaker has been running on heat in the rumor mill for the past few months. With the company's built-in AI home device, the Apple is planning to compete against early adopters of the product. Furthermore, the company is planning to introduce the Siri Speaker on Monday at its opening WWDC keynote. Some of the key features might include Apple Music integration among other first party services, HomeKit support and technology support.

This  is it for now, folks. What do you think about the iCloud Calendars support integration in Amazon Echo ecosystem? Do you think Apple's introduction of a Siri Speaker will penetrate the product market in a short span of time? Share your views in the comments.

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