Amazon Launches One Hour Delivery Service in Manhattan, NYC

Casing tens of thousands of everyday essential products rolling out at Amazon, “Prime Now” brings in a tapering down time span to one hour for delivery in the New York City. As soon as you direct your daily necessity or essentials, the nearby Amazon fulfillment center will post your order.

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Skip the Trip with Amazon Prime Now @Credit URL

Cut down delivery time to one hour for $7.99, cut it down to two hours for Free.

 For now, this service is only available in Manhattan, NYC but Amazon aims to establish it more in the near future and expands among other cities in 2015. Prime Now, is only available to the prime subscribers of this offer, which costs $99 per year. Every delivery availed through one hour delivery service will be charger $7.99 irrespective of the item ordered. However, if an item has been ordered with a delivery time of two hours, it will be free of cost. Making sure that all these facilities are available to prime subscribers only. Prime Now will be accessible through an iOS or Android app made for this purpose in selected areas of Manhattan for now. This enables Amazon to keep a check on the quality of the service provided to the customers. Prime Now app will also enable the users to know when the delivery will be made available in their area. Amazon notches up more than any other e-commerce giant in the market by the introduction of this one hour service technology as it brings a competitive advantage to them where even after ordering through e-commerce giants having a facility of delivering on the same day, customers have to wait for many hours to get the order delivered. A portion of Amazon’s office will be functional as a HUB for prime now orders only.

Amazon’s Senior Vice President, Dave Clark also stated that Amazon’s introduction of prime is the best online shopping environment in the history and now it’s getting even better. Prime Now is restricted to Manhattan for now but it is available seven days a week and closes at midnight, that to for six hours only. This offer is initiated by Amazon just to stay in the race of the growing market where large scale companies like Uber offers comparable benefits. This seems to have many advantages but the major disadvantage is the cost value analysis where spending 7.99 dollars every time you call for a small household seems enough expensive when ordered through one hour delivery however if you can wait for two hours, it will be completely free. Hence, this one-hour delivery seems less significant when it comes to talk about ordering everyday essentials.

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